Untitled ~ by Alexander Sena Kodjokuma

He died a few months ago
She clung to his memories
And through them his ghost would speak to her.
Then she found life and broke camp from his grave.
His ghost mourned
He had stayed on
Just so she could hear him speak if she listened hard enough.
He followed her home
And watched aghast
As she cleared all the remnants of their love
And she glowed
For life was really meant for her.
Happy he was
Yet he was deeply hurt
For he traded eternal rest
To give her the comfort she gave him in life.
Denied the luxury of a conversation
Whispered as loud as he could
But she ignored the poltergeist.
And he was still here,
Trapped on this plane.

Sena Frost
Alexander Sena Kodjokuma

A copywriter by profession, Sena is a person of many interests including but not limited to writing. He spends his free time mostly between photography and creative writing.

You may follow Sena on Twitter: @sena_frost