Sanctity ~ by Nana Yaa Asantewaa Asante-Darko

Leave them be

the petals, where they fall

Allow the yellows brown

golden, burning

in the sun

defile them


in unholy matrimony

with broken beer bottles


improperly doused ciggarete stubs

they do not want to be co-tenants

with chicken bones and pizza boxes

So leave them be

the flowers, where they fall.


Nana Yaa Asantewaa Asante-Darko

Nana Yaa has a keen interest in the arts with a bias for Literature, which she realised early. She’s won a couple of literary awards including the Special Award for Creative Writing in 2012 in Wesley Girls’ High School. Her writing was mostly poetry until 2015 when she started writing short stories and flash fiction, a few of which she shares on her blog Oddinary Perspectives

She recently found out she enjoys proofreading academic essays. She also likes food and so finds any excuse to bake cakes.

Ironically, her formal education so far has been largely in Business. She is a final year Accounting major at the University of Ghana Business School. She is a Christian.

You may follow Nana Yaa on Twitter: @Oddinarynana