Welcome to Quote With Gird. During the month of May we collected and shared some memorable quotes from the book Mr Happy and the Hammer of God & Other Stories by Ghanaian writer, Martin Egblewogbe.

Mr Happy Cover Illustration
“Mr Happy and the Hammer of God & Other Stories” by Martin Egblewogbe [Publisher: Ayebia Clarke Publishing
Here, we have compiled a few of the quotes for you. You may have missed out on the quotes on either our Facebook page,  Gird Center or on our Twitter feed, @GirdCenterGH, or maybe you did see them and would want to read them again. We hope you find them interesting and worthy of inspiration or discussion

1. “A man walked the path he did because of a million sources of coercion – overt, covert – life was the great manipulator.”

2. “He could see that she could see that he didn’t want to talk. This is where honest people say goodbye.

3. “Yet when he stopped speaking to people they considered it a hostile act, but how could keeping your peace be a hostile act.”

4. “Oh the misery technology can bring: on the glowing screen it is worse than I could ever have imagined

5. “Dervi was not convinced by Bubu’s philosophizing. She came from a rich family and could afford to study anthropology and be detached […] For him to be ‘detached’ meant to ‘starve’. He had to go to the field and work.

6. “His applications were rejected so many times that he slowly lost faith in his Bachelor’s degree. However, his fortunes turned when he concluded that the orthodox means of seeking a job would not help.

7. “Long ago he had heard someone say that Psychology was the Science of Rescue. But rescue from what exactly?

8. “Dervi knew that God had not died. Nietzsche had written that; and Nietzsche rather had died.”

9. “The lexical accuracy of the word ‘mistakecould be questioned. Great lies are often hidden in misnomners.”

10. “His fingers passed lightly over the Health warning. Cigarette smoke is bad for you but good for economy.

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