You are welcome to the summary of last week’s WatchYourGrammar lessons. We start off this week by discussing the differences between two verbs which are often misused. The verbs are “REMIND” and “REMEMBER.”

When you “REMIND” someone of something, you assist by suggesting to them something they have forgotten. You may do this by giving them a cue, or leaving them a note.

On the other hand, to “REMEMBER” is to recall knowledge from memory. When you “REMEMBER”, you recollect. You “REMEMBER” something by yourself; when someone/something causes you to remember something, it is a “REMINDER” (from REMIND)

It is wrong to say: “Kindly REMEMBER me to call Afum tomorrow.” The correct thing to say is: “Kindly REMIND me to call Afum tomorrow.”

What does it mean when someone says she had a “TERRIFIC” idea? This question was posed on Wednesday as we took a look at the actual meaning of “TERRIFIC.”
“TERRIFIC” is an adjective. It means extraordinarily good or great; it is especially used as an intensifier.

For example: “That’s a TERRIFIC idea. You can sleep over at my place so we leave early the next morning.”

“TERRIFIC” can also mean “very great or intense.” For example: “a surgery without anesthesia comes with a TERRIFIC amount of pain.”

“TERRIFIC” is not synonymous to “TERRIBLE”; they cannot be used interchangeably.

On Friday we visited Esi’s compound, where she was having a drink with Addo. Esi is friends with Addo; they have been friends since high school.

Esi calls Addo Shapiro 2; she says that Shapiro 2 is Addo’s “GUY NAME.” What does Esi mean by “GUY NAME?” In Ghana, “GUY NAME” is synonymous to “NICKNAME.” A “NICKNAME” is a substitute for the proper name of a person.

In formal conversation, or in conversations with people who are unfamiliar with Ghanaian parlance, Esi should say “NICKNAME.”

For example: “Addo’s NICKNAME is Shapiro 2. Very few people knew his real name back in school.”

That’s all for this week’s summary of the previous week’s WatchYourGrammar lessons.
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