“Pensioneer”with a”swagger”

Hello, you welcome to our first summary of the lessons on WatchYourGrammar for the month of September.  WatchYourGrammar is brought to you by Gird Center, your guide to correct grammar in English.  Let’s start with the previous Monday’s lesson. Do you think there is any difference between these two sentences “Ama FELT sick yesterday” and   “Ama FELL sick yesterday?” These sentences have different meanings hence they cannot be used interchangeably.

This is because ‘FELL’ is the past tense of the verb ‘fall’ while ‘FELT’ is the past tense of the verb ‘feel’. Ama felt sick yesterday means Ama had the FEELING she was sick. On the other hand, Ama fell sick yesterday means Ama BECAME/GOT sick yesterday.

What answer will you give to the question “How did Ama feel after eating uncooked fish at Kwei’s party?”

On Wednesday, we took a look at the actual meaning of the noun “SWAGGER”. In slang, SWAGGER or “SWAG” often means knowing the trendiest fashion and styles. As a matter of fact, ‘SWAGGER’ means “a way of walking or behaving that shows you have a lot of confidence.”

Remember, ‘SWAGGER’ is not about wearing trendy clothes or being the coolest person. ‘SWAGGER’ is essentially a way of WALKING or ACTING in a confident manner.

Finally, we discussed the Ghanaianism “PENSIONEER”. Esi’s father is 68 years old. He is a former employee of the Volta River Authority. Esi calls her father a “PENSIONEER”. What does Esi really mean when she calls her father a “PENSIONEER”?

“PENSIONEER” is a Ghanaian way of saying “PENSIONER”. A “PENSIONER” is someone who benefits from a pension fund.  A pension is a regular payment that is made to someone with the intention of allowing them subsist without working #WatchYourGrammar

What Esi ought to say is “My father is a PENSIONER. He retired from work 8 years ago.”

Remember, outside casual Ghanaian usage, “PENSIONEER” is not a word; the correct word is “PENSIONER”.

That’s it for this week’s summary of WatchYourGrammar. Enjoy the rest of the week. #GirdCenter #WeWRITEWeEDITWeTRAIN



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