How to ensure your Emails are Read and Responded to Every Time

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When writing official emails, one cannot compromise on clarity, coherence, and precision. You want your email to be read and your message properly understood.  However, cramming your message into a single paragraph can make it harder to make sense of. Proper formatting, correct grammar and appropriate use of language make all the difference in getting your email read and responded to in good time.

The best way to properly format official emails is to write in short paragraphs and space them appropriately. Official emails are often kept short but sometimes you have more than one idea or message to communicate in an email. In an instance like that split the different ideas into clearly distinct paragraphs. When you have two or more ideas contained in one paragraph you stand the risk of losing the attention of the recipient. It is also easy to veer off topic if different ideas are crammed into a paragraph. Additionally, you can use bullet points to highlight important aspects or questions you would want your reader to take note of.

The rules of grammar and appropriate use of language in email writing are no different from the rules that are applied in other forms of official writing. In official emails, capital letters must be used appropriately. Each paragraph, for example, must begin with a capital, names of people and organisations must be capitalized appropriately. Aside this, the proper guidelines for signing off an email must be observed.

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Here is an example of a well-formatted email:

Dear Jojo,

From our meeting last Friday, I understood that next week’s seminar had been adjourned. Did you want me to call all the registered participants about this?

Also, what is our position on the issue of refunds?

I delivered a draft copy of the annual report to your office this morning, I look forward to your feedback and final edits. Thank you.

Best regards,


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