Hi. You’re welcome the new month and to another week on WatchYourGrammar, your guide to correct grammar with Gird Center. We hope the gods of grammar smiled at you in the course of the week. Last week, we moved our lecture hall to the ‘BARBERSHOP’. We learned that in proper usage, it is more appropriate to say “BARBERSHOP” instead of “BARBERING SHOP”. The reason for this is simple. It’s the barber who does the barbering; it is his/her shop. So it’s a BARBERSHOP. When we call it a BARBERING SHOP, what we’re implying is that it is the shop doing the barbering, and that would be really odd

We go to the “BARBERSHOP” to have our hair or our beards (if we have them) cut. We most definitely don’t go there to ‘BARB’ our hair. Most Ghanaian speakers of English may understand what we mean by ‘I barbed my hair yesterday’. However, in proper usage, we should say ‘I had my hair cut yesterday’. Remember that ‘BARB’ is related to the pointed part of wires, so unless you want your barber to fit your hair with wires, say ‘CUT MY HAIR’ instead of “BARB MY HAIR”.

Our final lesson for the week was the proper pronunciation of ASK. Most Ghanaian speakers of English pronounce ASK as ‘AKS’. Listen closely whenever you hear someone say ‘ASK’.  Are they ‘ASKING’ a question or they are ‘AKSING’ a question? Here’s a hint: ‘AKS’ rhymes with ‘AXE’; AXES are used for chopping wood. Do you have any questions? ASK Gird Center; we’d love to hear from you.

That’s all for this week’s session of WatchYourGrammar; until next week, do watch your grammar!




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