WatchYourGrammar is a Gird Center initiative that provides an avenue for interactive discussions on English grammar, and on how the language can be molded to suit Ghanaian usage. At Gird Center, we believe that the English language can, and should be massaged to suit the purposes of Ghanaian users; we think that it is unrealistic and unnecessary even, to insist that Ghanaian speakers of English speak like English people do.  So we perfectly understand, just like all Ghanaians would, if you say “I’m coming” when what you’re actually doing is going. We also perfectly understand you when you say “I will take a dropping to Lapaz” instead of ‘I’ll charter/reserve a cab”.  In spite of this position, we also recognize that in careful usage, Ghanaian speakers of English should pay more attention to the standardized use of the English language. We can say our “Can you pass me the this things” in informal settings, but we surely wouldn’t say that at a job interview, for example.

WatchYourGrammar thrives on interaction. We look forward to your questions and contributions. If you come across a mete with suspicious grammar, why don’t you tweet it at us @GirdcenterGH? We’d love to hear from you. Join us on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for #WatchYourGrammar, your guide to correct grammar in English. By all means, watch your grammar!

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