PRETTY CLOSE by Enyonam Damesi

I still haven’t found words for the gossamer dream we stepped out of
Or the times we fist-bumped our way through small successes
I can’t describe the jinxes and the inside jokes, the knowing looks and the unspoken paragraphs that tally to the letter

It is not love when we tell stories to each other via playlists
Or spend hours into the night making art.
It is not love the things we say to provoke a smile
Or say the meanest things out of spite
It is not even love when we swear the other is more awesome
And get mad about too many compliments

When our skins touch and you call me out for being a trap queen
Or our eyes meet and I compliment your lashes
When we share a smile while lost in crowds
Or brush fingertips when we meet in the hallway
It’s not love but it’s pretty close

I dread that this won’t last forever
I want to screw this up and get it over with
The anticipation of where this will lead kills me
But  excitement of the beauty we make warms me
Maybe this is for the long haul, but I don’t mind short-and-sweet

When we’re 40 and we’ve lost out on love and family
But we still have each other, let’s make a family…
It wouldn’t be love, but it will be pretty damn close

Enyonam is a writer, a storyteller and a student of life. She believes that beautiful tales can be woven out of  ordinary occurrences.

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