And then there was… By Kuukuwa Andam

Kuukuwa Andam
Kuukuwa Andam
You: the bruises inside me that never healed
The day you left, I laughed till I tasted tears in my mouth
I caressed my cheeks and sighed loudly
Shocked to find them devoid of your stinging palm
Stripped my head of the wig I wore for you
Stripped my ears of your baritone voice
Tuned out your I-Am-Sorrys
The next day, I scrubbed my skin with sea water
But even the wooden sponge forgot
That you were an indelible map woven into my skinMe: full of scars that sneered when they whispered “Is she ok?”
The day you arrived, I wept till my heart bubbled with joy
You caressed my cheeks and I moaned silently
Shocked that I existed for 25 years without you
Wore satiation on my face like the multi-colored duku on my head
Wore your eyes on my dark skin- you said you were entranced
Gulped down your You-Are-So-Beautifuls
The next day I bathed with water and lime
But even the black soap forgot
That I could never be washed enough for you

Kuukuwa Andam is a lawyer, human rights activist, feminist and avid blogger.This is her first attempt at poetry.

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