Like I Do -By Renee Andam




They see that I’m the best
and want the key to being like me

Then just be me
cry all night and hit the walls with your fists until they are sore
watch the fire resurrect from the ashes of your dreams as you spill another chance on it
Desperately watch as it doesn’t put the fire out
watch it go up in smokes with the fumes
Fight fire with a flame
Slice a flame with a blade
Brake a blade with a bullet
suffocating, fighting to breathe
and choke in the pillow case
Only then can you have the determination and desperation that I’ve got

First you have to deliver punches like I do
Know how to smart talk like I do
Have the cheekiness that I’ve got
from that, dare them to try and break your spirit like I have
Then, cautiously look behind your back like I do
Feel like you’re running out of time the way I feel

Stack sadness
on hurt
Hope sandwiched between
and love
Must suffocate love
like I do
They’ll never know who you truly like
They’ll never know what your dreams are
They’ll never know who you truly are
Your Achilles heel will never be exposed
submerge in the water even if it drowns you
Then they can’t break you because you never told
Then, through it all, jump with enthusiasm
And fight like I do

Renee Andam is a 13yr old budding writer. This is her first attempt at poetry.

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