I’ve seen the future ~By Dela Nyamuame

I’ve seen the future,

I painted it in a vivid picture.

It was,

Wilted roses and bloody skies,

Miles and miles of wheat field destroyed by blight,

Many dead seas and dying lands,

Nations in despair untouched by light.

It was,

Gardens of hope overrun by thistles and thorns,

Battle axes and split skulls,

Great battles won but no victory songs.

I saw Today in the mirror of truth,

Emaciated and disfigured,

and though she fed on the choicest meal,

The nothingness nibbled at her from inside.

I’ve seen the future, Ignoramus,

I’ve seen the future, Nostradamus.

I saw Tomorrow die,



Her lungs filled with Today’s fume,

Her tar covered skin glistering under scorching sun,

Her muffled whimpers,

Drowned by the thunderous tides.

I’ve seen the future, because I dare,

I’ve seen the future, it seemed so blur.

I’ve seen the future,

and Gaia,

She was curled up in her own blood,

having been gang raped

by politicians and men of religion

and we stood by doing nothing.

I’ve seen the future, apocalyptic,

I’ve seen the future and I’m no mystic.

I saw the blind holding lamps,

in lands of light men walked in the dark,

I saw whores dressed in virgin white,

and I saw Ignorami with power rule the land.

I’ve seen the future draped in gray,

I’ve seen the future but can not say.

I’ve seen it,

the Present and the Future,

Pitted against each other in a chess match,

Checkmate, Checkmate…

Dela Nyamuame is a poet and a Computer Engineer.  He says, “I’ve always loved reading and writing but only started poetry in 2002 after some encouragement from friends.” Michael Crichton is his favorite writer. In 2011, two of his poems, “The Palm Wine Sellers Daughter” & “Our Brother Was An Idiot” received quite a lot of attention on the Poetry Foundation Ghana Website and were voted the second best poems of the year.

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